Sports Betting NBA 2018 Playoffs Recap – Did we win??

Rob: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the BIGGEST SHOW IN THE WORLD, Sports Bettors TV! Man we are back AGAIN! I’m here with my boy The Dream, the NBA Master.

What’s good baby how are you kid? Dream: What’s going on, What’s going on? Feeling A little dusty right now, real dusty.

Rob: No shit, dude I know, I know. Dream: We’re not at the club. Rob: We’re not at the club.

Dream: Credit Cards Maxed out, bad. Rob: I know, I know. Dream: Bought CVS out of Maalox and Pepto, Nothing left there. Just a bad, bad, bad Finals man.

Rob: I know, But you know what man, Listen. We lost at the end, We lost with the heat. You did bet the underdog.

Which we did tweet out, we did put on the show and all that. But you know what man, at the end of the day, I gotta give you alot of props, okay? You came on the show, and you absolutely wrecked shit. I mean, Incase you’re new to the show, and you haven’t seen what this dude has done, roll the footage right now, show everybody what time it is. [Footage] Dream: Brooklyn Nets are my five-star dark horse in the series play.

Dream: And we’re gonna take the Los Angeles Clippers against Golden State. Dream: The Bulls is an Excellent Value. Dream: I see OKC coming out of this series, I honestly do. Dream: We have to take Miami in this series, It’s definetly, probably the value play. Dream: I just don’t see any way Indiana’s gonna beat The Heat under any circumstances. Dream: San Antonio just offers you a lot more scoring options than OKC has to offer.

Dream: Now, I have gone with The Heat to win the whole thing, but, I wanna discuss that this is not gonna be a cakewalk for The Heat, by any means. [End Footage] Dream: So yeah, we plugged it, I mean we did good, you know? I did a little work, but I would have liked to have won that final series, you know.

It’s all about winning the big series. Once again, I did say that, I felt that, It was very hard to bet against a good, a great player. I wouldn’t bet against Jordan or Kobe, and that’s why I felt I was gonna bet with LeBron. But The Heat just got, you know, they had some problems, man. They had problems.

I saw coaching deficiencies, I wanted to see them maybe explore a little bit of zone. They didn’t try the zone. Some old legs showed up. Wade who finally looked his age, was there. Chris Bosh, out at the three-point line was a problem.

Rob: Dude, you called that man! It got us, it got us, it got us. Dream: Coles and the other point, just were not on point. Know what I’m Saying? Rob: No, No. Chalmers was off, too.

Dream: Chalmers was just, I don’t know, was awful. Smoking, whatever. I don’t know what he was doing, but his mind was not focusing.

The Heat didn’t come, I mean they didn’t come. I didn’t like their intensity. I thought it was a lack of intensity, a lack of focus. They really didn’t looked focused until the fifth game, but by that time, it was a little too late for them. And Pop ran his whole squad, and they just went to work.

Rob: No doubt man, and just so you know, as we always say, we are not handicappers, and all. What we do is we look to the Sports Bettors TV Univerese, here. You guys give us some pointers, and who you’re feeling, and there’s actually a bunch of cats that told us not to take The Heat, and I’ve gotta shout you out right now. You know my boy DJ, Papa Smurf, Big Fella went on Danny Biscut’s show and he actaully said that the Spurs were gonna win.

And my boy Marvel Williams actually commented on the bottom of the screen there, and said that on the YouTube video that the Spurs were gonna take it, so, I’m gonna give them a lot of love. Dream: There were alot of Spurs backers and I was borderline, on the edge, but like I said I just didn’t want to bet against a great player. I felt like LeBron, actually, I felt he should’ve, maybe in game three or four, he should have just maybe not even passed. Maybe not even passed the ball at all. Rob: Yeah, no doubt. Dream: I would have rather lost with him taking every shot, than to see D. Wade go down, go baseline penetration, dribble penetration, stop, and just look silly, you know?

It was ugly. Rob: I know, and actually, Ryan and I, actually went out for game five to watch this thing, and you know, I just had a feeling, and I’m like, you know, listen, The Heat ain’t going to lose three games in a row, like this is crazy. I had The Heat jersey on, and a little waitress comes over, and shes like, Oh, I’m going to bet you ten dollars that The Heat are going to lose, and I’m like, yeah whatever, okay fine. Ten dollars, right? So now, they’re up sixteen points, and you know, I’m loving life, laughing. All of a sudden, you know, its down to seven.

It’s down to four. It’s down to two, And then the Spurs wanna hit, like a hundred three’s in a row, And before you know it, this girl beat me, man. Check out the footage right here. [Footage] Waitress: I just beat Sports Bettors TV!

Yay! Go Spurs! Yay! [End Footage] Rob: You know what’s funny man, that girl almost forgot our name there with that video. That’s funny.

Dream: We’ll call her Susie Sunshine. Rob: Yeah, No doubt. Dream: Just going forward with that, I mean as far as rebuilding is concerned, next year, The Heat has got a couple decisions they gotta make, as far as what they’re gonna do with the big three. I think the big three are actually gonna stay in place. I’m really tired of hearing LeBron rumors, I think LeBron is at home, in Miami, and he’s happy there. I really don’t see him going anywhere else.

Bosh is probably gonna stay, Dewayne Wade is a big question mark, there. His gameplay was not that great. Rob: No. Dream: Riley, I saw in an interview, was saying that he expects them all to be back, so I kind of expect them all to be back too. They are probably going to have to get rid of Birdman, or should I say Turkeyman, because he’s quite heavy, and unless he can lose some weight.

They’re gonna have to let Sugar Ray go. Sugar Ray is hampering them. They just gotta get a little bit younger, a little bit more atheletic, and join the rest of the NBA. They need maybe a defensively rebounding type individual on the team.

I don’t know who’s availible out there, but that’s what they need to look for, maybe a defensive rebounder, and maybe that six man off the bench to provide a little bit of point score. Rob: Got it, Got it. We’re on Instagram. We’re on Facebook, we’re on Twitter all the time. Dream: Oh yeah to the Twitter people…

Rob: Oh yeah you’re there! You’re there dude. Dream: Just got on, I’m there. I been wrappin’ to a couple people.

Danny Biscut, my boy Chris Sizzle, a couple other people out there I’ve talked to. Just guys, please bear with me. I’m getting my feet wet, you know I’m trying to get on.

I’m just starting the social media thing. I’m trying to get my sixteen-year-old, making an appointment with her to come in and help me out a little bit. But, I’m there, so. Feel free to hit me up any time, I’ve had a couple conversations with a lot of cool people out there already, and I’m always interesting in wrappin’ with you guys. Rob: Absolutely man, and there’s actually a bunch of photos that surfaced about my boy, LeBron and if you’re watching, you’re my boy and I love you to death, but I gotta show the fans these videos, I’m sorry, the photos… Dream: Loss of the Rings, Loss of the Rings.

Rob: The first one was the one you sent me with Jordan, man. That shit is just hilarious dude, you know. The next morning I’m feeling bad that he sends me this one. Then the Loss of the Ring one, with Dunkin Sticks… Dream: Loss of the Rings, Loss of the Rings was ugly. Whoever did Loss of the Rings, you ain’t right! Loss of the Rings was ugly.

Rob: And then the Last one, man. That too cute to be single one, with the hand up in the air. He was like, Ya’ll gonna help or nah? Dude that’s so appropriate. Dream: Poor LeBron, Poor LeBron. Rob: My boy got smoked.

But anyway, that’s where it’s at, so. You got anything else to add real quick before I give it to the shout outs, playboy? Dream: I got nothing else, basketball season’s over, this is the time that we chill with the family, try to get in tune, get ready for football, we’ll do a little homework, I’ll get on baseball, probably after the all-star break a little bit, get involved, maybe hit Dizzle up, get a couple of his hot picks, and get down with you guys for a little something, but right now I’m just chilling for the most part. Rob: Well, speaking of baseball, speaking of Dizzle by the way, you know.

When him and I do win the World Series plays, and we are in the club, you’ll get an invite, I promise you. Dream: Oh, no doubt. Thank you.

I can’t wait for you guys to clobber the world series plays, I love them. Rob: Because Dr. Dan will be back with me next episode, and we’re gonna be killing the NBA, I mean, I’m sorry, the MLB’s, and as a matter of fact, his KC Royals and Washington Natties are in first place, which we’ll get to that. Alright. We’re gonna get to the shout outs section right now. We got all the websites that have been blowing up our videos, and making it work.,, Actaully won money in the Bellmont, which is suprising because I didn’t and I don’t know anybody else who did, but them.

Good for them,, Stone Cold Stevie D put us on his website, thank you,, they rock it, Tipsterengine is there, and, We love all you guys, man. As far as the Instagram is concerned, Grandpaspicks, armandhamma1 has been killing the World Cup shit, which dude, you and I have our own opinions there, and yeah, Iaintnofncapper’s been wrecking it as well. And obviously with twitter, we’re all over there. Now you’re here and I’m trying to, Cats have been yelling at me saying this dude The Dream ain’t following me back, What’s up with that? I know you’re trying.

Dream:I’m on, I’m figuring it out. Bear with me Rob: AmAction, i got bornandraisedHI, ACsports, Joeyharb, Genuinebets, Champ, and Wolfofworldcup,man. You got anything to add? Dream: Big shout out to Bmac with that hockey, we won with that. Rob: We did.

We got the LA Kings. Dream: My boys G-Money, Big Ron and Jello, and big shout out to my daughter who actually graduated today, graduating class of 2014, Yaya, I love you, and thank you guys for all the support. Rob: Alright man, and we got a major announcement, here, okay, I don’t even want to forget about this, fucking monumental, okay? We actually went on twitter and made this announcement, but guess what guys, alright?

This ain’t all about Sports Bettors TV, Okay? Its not all about Rob, not all about The Dream, Doctor Dizzle, Vinnie, Ryan and the whole crew. This is also about you guys, alright.

What we’re gonna do is launch the daily show. Every single morning, alright? And what we’re gonna do is take calls from Sports Bettors TV Universe, Thats all of you, thats right man, because you know what?

We’re all in this together man, We’re all one big ass team! We’re gonna beat the book together dude! We’re gonna be opening up the phone lines for you guys every single day because we wanna hear your voice, man! With that said, Sports Bettors TV We are the biggest thing in the world, man.

Follow us, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram as well. We’re looking forward to the next show. God bless and have a great one! Take Care! Dream: Peace!