Celebs Play Jello Shot Roulette At The Golden Globes

– Do you know what a Jell-O shot is? – A Jell-O shot? – Yeah. – Is it like some kind of injection?

– We are here at the Golden Globes red carpet and we’re going to play Jell-O… – Or Jell-O shot. – [Voiceover] I also want to see how they eat Jell-O. Are they the finger people or the tongue people? I’m a tonguer.

Obviously tonight is the biggest party in Hollywood. No party is complete without… – [Both] Jell-O shots. – (chuckles) Okay.

– [Sir Patrick] Okay. Jell-O. – Well… – [Sir Patrick] No. – So, it’s Jell-O but some of it has booze in it.

– [Sir Patrick] Oh, really? – I want you to pick one for you and one for me. – That one’s yours and that one’s mine. – This is Jell-O and that’s a shot.

– Great. – Do we have to take them? – [Both] Yeah.

– Oh, I don’t eat Jell-O. But I’ll pick one for you. – Do you have any strategies in taking Jell-O shots? – No, usually I take them off of people’s tits but I guess tonight I’m doing it on my own. – The best strategy is to loosen it up with your finger because it’s going to be hard to suck out. – [Sir Patrick] Really?

– Yeah. – Hold on. – Oh, I’m sorry. (chuckles) I love Jell-O.

– Cheers. (women chanting) – Oh! – [Woman Interviewer] There we go. – What is… Is that moonshine? (woman chanting) – This will be alcohol. Whoa.

– You just tongued that Jell-O shot. – There we go. What are your thoughts? – Jell-O. All that and no alcohol. – Nope, I have no booze.

Thanks for nothing. – Oh that’s just straight up Jell-O, yeah. That’s a shot. – All in one. All in one. – That is disgusting.

– I thought the moisture would be the liquor. I thought that my science grade… Third grade science grade… (laughs) – Drunk already. – We are halfway through this red carpet and I have had a lot of Jell-O shots. This is Hollywood’s biggest party.

Yeah! Yeah! You did an okay job. – I’m usually much better with my mouth than this.

– Whoa! (acts drunk) – I just feel so bad for you right now. – I feel good. I feel so good for me. One last thing, are there any confessions you can make?

Anything weird you’ve ever done before a red carpet? – Yeah, this morning I shaved my pubes. I wanted to feel special.

– Is that all? Nothing else? – No. No, what do you want to talk about?

– [Sir Patrick] No. – How’s your day going? – It’s great.

Let’s hope it gets better. This guy is following me around and I don’t know who he is. It’s no longer fun. – And it gets personal. That’s what I don’t like about it.

– Of course it gets personal… I don’t know what his name is… – I’m in an interview right now. – Oh, is that what you call it? (giggles) – [Woman Interviewer] What the hell is going on?