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Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Slot Machine From WMS Gaming

Many celebrity appearances and other fun events in this segment. We speak with Phil Gelber, who is the senior vice president of product development at WMS Gaming about their new Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory slot machine literally introduce and online casino throughout the US upcoming. Now, here’s a look at the new Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory slot machine from WMS Gaming. The way works to get the free bonus triggers get the walk, a batter.

It’S gon na take up here to the top box there and give you one too many different prizes in the motion share moves with the right here. You get free games against picking bonuses. I ask the chocolate river bonus, which is that a motion bonus in the game show you as well 3 get the Walker free games, RC Willey walkers the highs banks among the game, so this is usually pretty valuable bonus to get the pic three games to get. They get free games, saleable obstacles, little and again, to get line them up on a real one, the other Rios.

It’S pretty good combination. There you go lotsa walk, obeys, that’s pretty good when so. Those are the same book in anywhere between two three four five: a sieve rose wide, such as a really nice anticipation feature when see him go by Oakley lands in give this summer’s big wins here its area to bring about as ready when sixty eight dollars in Their bonus round can you get want Walker bars, Governor Walker, bars and depending on, if I’m going to get five thousand dollars or he gets chocolate up, but that is there’s the golden ticket. That’S five thousand dollars right. I some rich, see the man at the door. Don’T see me saw, someone saw, one is machine, send they were down to a thousand tickets a while now that their odds were much better than wan na start now to 10,000 it would it would talk to members in the main motion bonus in the game.

Take a trip down the saddle river try to collect gems and additional items that increases your bonus, except the top. With the motion share the walk, a batter see wherever it lands, you get the toddler ever salata motion, light anticipation. What you’re gon na get say, take this trip to start up with two trips outside the river. You collect a different job to get the hat they, in addition, a ride, get the lock a simple. They were invaluable wider to collect more symbols. Thumbs.

Give you nice by picking bonus a lot about what I use the motion, but a nice. I N two spacious going and what you’re gon na get so you doing alright so far and to get to my trips down the goats to try to win some more money, got ta play it without the motion. Chair gon na lose a little bit when you’re in the chariot co-chairs got ta. Move in pretty good generally goes with the flow at ISIS change every time that they assemble dynamic, that every time you go down the river, the symbols are laid out differently. So it’s kinda much like a free spin bonus. We laid out the different here got ta I got a pic and for a credit amount, twenty-five dollars are the best.

I could do in that pic and more as you get the bigger. The prize is dead as you go down the river zeros good, looking for and as well as well as the credits sorry go, so it’s got ta the Truckee River about us and again and again this Ave & Casino summer 2013.