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Jen Tilly CUSSES OUT Jason Mercier. S5 E14 Poker Night in America

– [Chris] How would you like to play against the pros on national TV? Download now to play and win. It’s absolutely free to play. – [Chris] From Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida.

This is Poker Night in America. (upbeat music) – Welcome to Poker Night in America where we conclude day three at Seminole Hard Rock. – [Joe] Coming up on tonight’s episode, Jennifer Tilly calls someone a really bad word.

– You are a mother– – You know the one, the Samuel L. Jackson one. – [Chris] Couple of players have joined us since we left last time. Esther Taylor in the two seat, and Michael Laake in the seventh seat. – [Joe] Esther sat down and got herself all in and lost before the cameras were even rolling. – [Chris] Yeah, none of the guys got the batteries in or started the gerbils or anything.

(Joe laughs) – [Joe] It looks like today’s game we’re gonna have a $200 button ante, which means only one player pays the ante, the player on the button. Eric Wasserson kicking things off with a straddle to 100. It’s a blind raise. – [Chris] Jennifer Tilly on the button raising with king, five to 300. (table laughs) – I got a top pair. Chillin’.

– [Joe] Jen says it’s her quest to win a big pot against Jason Mercier, and the two of ’em have decent stacks right now, so things could get kinda weird. – [Chris] Our first flop of the night brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal is king, deuce, six. – [Joe] Jen flops top pair. Jason flops a flush draw.

Wasterson, nothing. – [Chris] 700 to bet from Tilly. Wasterson folds.

So we’re heads up with Jason and Jenifer. Three of spades. – [Joe] That’s gonna look like more outs to Jason to make a straight, unfortunately those outs will just chop it with Jen.

– [Chris] 1,200. – [Joe] Like the bet from Jen, not giving Jason a great price, but he’s got to call it. – [Chris] Sure does. So we’re off to almost 5,000 as we head to the river. An ace on the river.

– [Joe] Now unfortunately Jason’s now in a spot where he might feel compelled to bluff this. I say unfortunately because Jen Tilly can get kind of sticky sometimes. I do not know what it will take to get her to fold this king. – [Chris] We’ve not seen her fold a lot of hands so far at Seminole Hard Rock, especially to Jason Mercier.

– [Joe] So Jason bets 2,400. – I bet the flop, you called the flop. Bet the turn, you called the turn. I think you’re gonna fire on the river no mater what.

You’re gonna have me beat before the river. I don’t really think you have an ace. But I don’t have good luck with you.

I don’t have very good luck with him. – [Eric] Not many do. – I just really… Ah, I hate my life. I mean I kinda like it, but… Wouldn’t it be great if this is the one time I called you and you actually did not have a hand. That’d be fantastic.

– [Chris] Will she finally exercise the demons? – [Joe] Do it. No! – Good fold.

– ‘Cause Jason always has the best hand. – [Joe] Did you see how it took a second to sink in? – You make me so mad!

You are a mother(bleep). (table laughs) (bleep) I hate him! I can’t win. I hope you lose. – I hope you win, Jen. If it’s not against me, I hope you win.

– I’m gonna straddle. – [Chris] It’s Poker Night in America brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal. – He does not hope we win. – I think that’s a bluff. – [Joe] Welcome back to the table, Jenifer Tilty. – I knew he was bluffing me, too.

But I’m so tired, I’m just battered. It’s like a drop of water dripping onto a stone. Eventually it makes a hole.

– Kyle! – Kyle if it was your turn, – Is this a straddle? – What would you do? – Restraddle.

– I straddled. – Make it 800. – Increase straddle.

– 700. – [Chris] Bowker makes it 700, with ace, king. – Does that mean you’re defending? – [Joe] Wasserson calling with queen, jack, suited. – I do so well against Jason, I’m gonna play every hand against him now.

– Uh oh, new player. – New shooter. – Oh Michael, nice to see you.

– [Joe] Not sure I believe her. It’s kind of like if she said it’s an honor just to be nominated. – [Chris] You say it, you never mean it. – [Joe] Right. – Wow, sick read. – The good ones never lie.

– Wow Jen, really? – Wow, Jen. – Yeah. – How are you not that angry? – What? – What if Jason had made it to 700?

– I still would’ve folded. – No. – I’m not that clever, I’m just not. – You got a really bad hand?

– Go from there. – Diamonds. – If I fold everything until seven o’clock, I’ll be up $30,000. – [Joe] Wasserson flop’s pretty good here. Now he’s just got to dodge his way to the showdown.

– Don’t engage me, don’t get me involved. Don’t make me angry. My original 10.

– [Joe] So Bowker’s C bet gets called. – [Chris] Bowker picks up a flush draw on the turn. – [Joe] Yeah, I said Wasserson was going to have to dodge his way to the showdown there.

There’s so much to dodge now. Wasserson can’t fold just yet, though. There’s plenty of hands Bowker would just be semi-bluffing with. – [Chris] And top pair, third kicker. Good enough for a call.

– [Joe] The riv … a fiv. Wasserson’s checked to Bowker. Probably looking to snap off a bluff.

Bowker’s probably got a pretty good idea that Wasserson’s got a top pair at this point. – How much? – [Joe] 4,500 is the answer to that question. Almost full pot. I think this is a pretty believable flush bet. – I wasn’t planning on folding.

– [Joe] Oh, it’s a good sign when your opponent who wasn’t planning on folding is now considering folding. So far so good for Bowker. – You show, I fold? – I don’t know what to do with that question.

I never know. You just want me to show or do you want information? – [Joe] It’s a great question.

– What do you mean? – Like are you asking just ’cause you want to see my hand? Or because you want to get a read off of me.

– No, I would to see your hand if I fold. – I still think you might be trying to get information. You win. – [Joe] Nice call, Eric Wasserson.

– [Chris] $14,750 on the nice call on the river. – Send 200 over here, bud. – You got it. – Even when you fought that hand, he wins.

– I know, he’s disgusting. – [Chris] How would you like to play against the pros on national TV? Download now to play and win. It’s absolutely free to play. It’s Poker Night in America with Joe Stapleton.

I’m Chris Hanson. Let’s get back to the game. – He does want to make you sad, you’re right.

– He does. He wants to make me sad. But I can’t combat, I can’t combat Jason. – [Chris] Joe, it’s day three. Heading home tomorrow, or are you gonna stay down here in south Florida and live the life?

– [Joe] I’ve been told I actually can’t leave the state until after the trial. – [Chris] Oh well, enjoy that. – [Jason] If you reraised pot– – You would not have been watching. You never muck. Jason never mucks to me. – [Jason] It makes sense if you see my hand.

– I cannot take Jason. I can’t take him. I can’t. – 13?

– Yeah. – I’m so annoyed. So, so annoyed. – [Chris] Flop is deuce, three, three.

– [Joe] Jen flops a gut shot, checks it. Man for playing six, four, suited after that flop, she’s not in a horrible position. – I check.

– [Joe] Two live cards, straight draw. Agreed. – I thought you were thinking.

– I thought you were thinking. – I am thinking. – [Joe] Jason’s out, Jen is in. – [Chris] And Jen’s probably thinking, “Great, “now I have a chance to win.” – [Joe] And she does have the best hand here on the turn. Pair of fours are good.

– [Chris] Let’s go a top pair, let’s bet it! – [Joe] Kind of tough to float here with king, queen just hoping to hit. Sure king high will be the best hand sometimes, but I don’t know how often.

– What are you doing some making a huge move in an alcoholic stupor? (table laughs) what the (bleep) is this? I have the best hand, I think. What?

Or maybe I don’t. You raised in early position? – [Kyle] I raised?

No, Jason raised and I raised again. – You raised again, and then I called. – [Chris] Well Jen has already declared that she does not want to lose any of the money that she has made, and so maybe the players are gonna try to take advantage of that, because there is nothing worse than once you get up to lose some of that money.

Then you just steam over that. – [Joe] That was a precious declaration. – This was a value bet. I’ll tell you right now, I don’t have a three, but I know you don’t have a three also. So the question is, who has the best hand?

– [Joe] Are you just now getting to that question? Jen folds another winner. – [Kyle] Do you have sevens? – Do you have eights? oh my God.

So annoying. – [Eric] Do you have fives? – I’m hoping to turn this around. I can’t afford the fun that is called Poker Night in America.

– [Joe] Michael Laake straddling. Ryan Fee, the first raise. – It’s called buried peak. – No, it’s called upstuck. Phil invented a term called upspuck. – I prefer upstuck.

– [Chris] I do too. Buried peak doesn’t make any sense. But then again, we’re not 24-year-olds who know it all. – [Joe] Wizards. – Wee, it’s so fun to be Jason. – [Joe] These guys are playing slightly different rules.

If there’s a big straddle on, you can only raise up to the pot, pre-flop. Pot limit, so Jason’s gonna get at few chips back. – He just wanted to isolate angry Tilly. How much is that? – [Joe] It’s domination nation and Jason is practicing isolationism. – God, I would love to beat Jason in a pot.

I would it, just love it. Love it. Jason, I would love to beat you in a pot. – How would you feel if you beat him this pot? – I would love it.

Okay, please don’t outplay me. I’m tilted, I’m angry. – [Chris] Flop is deuce, king, five. Oh my goodness, she has out flopped him.

– [Joe] The deuce’ll do. – [Chris] 2,300 is the bet, and we get a call. Let’s see the turn. Alright, Tilly’s still there. – [Joe] The tighter Jen hangs onto the ledge, the more Jason’s gonna stomp at her fingers. – [Chris] Oh boy, that’s a bunch of orange.

5,100 is the bet. And again, I think the players picked up on the fact, when she talked about how she didn’t want to lose the money she already had. They are wheeling and dealing with that knowledge right now.

– I think I have the best hand, but… – [Joe] It is red rag to bull. All they want to do is turn on the pressure until she folds. – I won’t get mad.

No, I promise, I promise. I won’t get mad. Honestly. I just really, really, really wanted to beat Jason in a big hand, but anytime I have a big hand he instantly folds. I don’t even get to the flop. And so I did not get the better of him.

Maybe in a few like dinky hands. I probably won’t even make it to the air. But I want to play with him again because I want to get the better of him another time.

But I saw you gulp. – [Kyle] Did you know you were value betting? – I was fake gulping. – Well it’s not a fake gulp. (Jason laughs) – [Chris] Poker Night in America is brought to you by our trusted friend: Kimo Sabe Mezcal.

Why settle for tequila? Step up to Kimo Sabe. Welcome back to Poker Night in America. Let’s get back to the table. – Oh, I thought you said Viffer.

– Oh, that dude with the blonde hair that used to play cash? He’s weird. – [Joe] He is weird, but he is also hilarious. – Dude’s amazing. – What can I make it?

– Pot, he makes a pot. – [Joe] So slight change of rules here. These guys are making it so that if there’s a big straddle on, you cannot move all in before the flop.

We’re gonna play pot limit, pre-flop. So Wasserson makes it 1,600. Action on Eta. Oh, and there goes the hand on the shoulder. This is the hot new tell they’re all doing. Usually means you’re not super comfortable.

– Oh you’re right, I was counting wrong. – [Chris] And ace, five, suited for Fee. – [Joe] Anytime your starting hand is a hand that can flop the nuts. You’re gonna be tempted to play a juicy, multi-way pot with it. – The good news is you don’t have to put it up to 200 to straddle.

Once you fold this– – [Chris] Wow, another raise from Fee, now up to 4,200 and they’re falling quickly. – If we lose our stack and rebuy, can we match the biggest stack on the table? – [Joe] For you Jen, I don’t think anyone’s gonna mind. – Awesome. – [Chris] Especially the biggest stack at the table. Alright, so Wasserson calls.

The flop is six, 10, four. – [Joe] Both players miss, ace high still best. Ryan Fee first to act. He was the last aggressor.

You would expect him to continue here. There’s the C bet, 5,000 into a pot of nearly 10,000. Big bet for Poker Night America, but only half this pot.

That’s what happens when there’s a triple straddle and a big raise before the flop. Pots get huge. Is Eric gonna feel like he needs to protect the money he’s got out there by calling and trying to hit on the turn?

He can pick up a diamond, he can pick up a straight draw. Those kings and jacks are still live. – [Chris] You say that, that’s the exact way I lose all of my money playing poker. You just described how bad I am. – [Joe] Some of the time you’re gonna be drawing dead, and Wasserson decides to make the wise decision this time. Little rabbit hunting, and that is a gigantic brick.

So I’m sure he’s feeling confident about his fold. Good fold, good fold. – Oh, you won? – Yeah, I won. I took it.

I took it. – She won. – Wow, I’m getting lit up on the props. – Unless that was Urban Dictionary, hold on.

– When will it end!? – [Jen] You’re supposed to get titled. I was yelling about how– – I mean it came up on Google as a word. – Yeah, it’s a word.

– Dispassionate? – Yep, that’s right. – Holy cow. – [Chris] Now just ’cause it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true, right Stapes?

– [Joe] Well it’s been on my last five or six job reviews. – Not influenced or affected by emotions. – Oh, so it does describe you. – That’s him.

Look at who’s screaming and yelling, that’s me because Mr. Mellow. – Yeah, you’re dis-dispassionate. Is that word? – [Jen] What?

– Dis-dispassionate. Dis-dispassionate. You’re dis-dispassionate. – [Joe] Four ways to this flop. And it’s a good thing flops don’t hit back or this could turn into a real brawl. Everyone has hit something here.

Sorry, sorry Kyle Bowker. Sick needle. – [Chris] Laake bets 300, and then Wasserson makes it 1,000.

– [Joe] Jen Tilly called. One heart is good for her, two hearts is bad. Laake’s behind, but he’s not always going to be, and there are so many ways for him to catch up if he is. – How much is team black down? – I think we’re lighting him up in the prop.

– [Chris] Laake’s top two qualifies for a raise up to 3,500. Tilly calls for the flush draw. – That bluff that Wass took me off, and I’d be buried all the way around, right? – [Joe] Well there’s Jen’s one heart.

– I’d be dead, you said? – Team red would be dead if you didn’t me up on that bluff all the way around. – [Eric] I’m buried again. – What are you in for, a 20?

– [Eric] 25. – [Joe] Laake’s gonna keep betting top two. – [Chris] 5,200 to bet back to Tilly. – [Joe] And I’d really like a raise here from Jen.

Another heart would look bad, and it would be bad. – You’re stuck 25? – I’m all in. – [Chris] All in is the move for Jen Tilly.

It’s 15,200. That would be for the rest of Laake’s chips. – [Joe] And a call here makes sense. – Do you have a flush? – [Joe] Jen would be semi-bluffing sometimes.

– I have two pair of the queen of hearts. – Ooh. Stop, stop the pain!

I need a three of clubs. Well, three of clubs. – I’d rather you didn’t. – What? – This is a big pot. – [Chris] 39,000, to be exact.

– Small, small, small. Little dark one, I’ll give you $300. That’s good, that works. That’s for you, $300. Awesome. – [Chris] Oh, I thought she was talking to us.

I was really hoping that that 300 was gonna be for us. – Well then I’ll give you $300. – No, you can give it to him first. – Nah, nah that’s okay. – Wow, you had a trillion outs. If it was Jason, he would have got there.

– Four and eight is not out there. – [Chris] More straddling going on. This is getting ridiculous.

– [Joe] O-M-G. Look at all those strudels. It’s like I’m in an Austrian bakery. – [Chris] Which is your favorite flavor of the strudel that’s out there? I really like the $400 strudel. – [Joe] I like the Wasserson strudel. Hey, it’s the same one!

– If I knew you were gonna move all in with no hand– – Wish six, four, yeah. – Check, call. – [Joe] Jen Tilly.

Who would’ve thought on the last hand, she’s making it $6,025 with 10, seven, suited. – 6,000. – You sure you don’t want to have another hour of this game? (table laughs) – Goodness gracious.

Finally, some action. – [Joe] Not quite an all for for him since we’re playing pot limit before the flop, but that gets the message across. – It’s like 20K. – So annoying. I finally decide to play this game and… – I almost had them. Bought at the flop.

– Yeah, let’s see a flop. – I had jack, 10. – Really? – I would’ve seen a flop.

– Show it! (table groans) – Turn, turn, turn, turn. – [Joe] Michael Laake wins a gigantic pot on the last hand of the night without even having to see a flop.

– Jen, why do you do it to me? – What? What did I do. – You should have just folded.

You would’ve folded, I would’ve raised, I would’ve called. – What, did I raise? – Yeah, you raised. – Oh you mean I should’ve raised him? – No, you raised and then he rerasied. But if you just folded, he would’ve raised, I would’ve called, and I would’ve made a straight.

– Oh! So sick. – Do you remember the underpants you were wearing when you won the World Series?

– I did not have, I don’t think that, actually I didn’t have underpants on when won the Main Event. How about that. – That’s too much information. – You can fold 8 high now. – Wow.

– There we go. There we go. – [Chris] Poker Night is brought to you by Sit & Go 2.0. Go to and claim your free Sit & Go 2.0 strategy ebook. – Hey, welcome back to Poker Night in America.

You’re just in time to see who won and who lost. No surprises here, eh Chris? – [Chris] Yeah, almost another 50,000 for Jason on Poker Night in America. I think his first couple of days here on the show went okay. Alright, we’re gonna hold on because I want to make sure that you know about our new social poker app for both Android and IOS that is totally free to play.

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For Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson. We’ll see you next time on Poker Night in America. Poker night is brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal. And Sit & Go 2.0 – The ace and the seven. – Wow, you thought that was a better hand than mine?

Poker Night In America. Monopoly Money

– [Hanson] From the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, New Jersey, this is Poker Night in America. (music) – Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hanson. Park Place, Marvin Gardens, Pennsylvania Avenue, anyone who’s played the board game Monopoly knows these names, but some viewers may not know that they are based on street names found in Atlantic City. That is where we find ourselves tonight being hosted by the Golden Nugget.

And while our players are not playing for Monopoly money, they are still definitely trying to bankrupt each other. So let’s place Go, and collect $200 on our way to the felt. – [Hanson] As we continue Day 1 here, the players bought in from between $5,000 and $20,000, and so far our biggest winner of the day has been Jessica Dawley, and that money has come pretty much directly from Dan Shak as we head back to the table. Blinds are 25 and 50, and a lot of players taking advantage of the optional $100 straddle under the gun.

– Who the heck is straddling over here? – I straddle just so it gets them excited, everyone is like tired. – You lawyers are so aggressive! – Lawyers! (laughter) – Give me a good coroner who just sits there sort of… (laughter) – [Hanson] Jessica Dawley raises to 325 with suited king-queen.

– Oh the bar is set very low for being the liveliest person at the job everyday. – Okay, let’s see if the straddle was good. Yeah, it’s fine.

– It’s a fine goal. – It’s a fine straddle. What are we… 325. – [Hanson] And Linda Kenney Baden will call. – I know who Fred Allen is, yeah, the friendly coroner?

– Wasn’t it Fred Allen who had the greatest line about television, he called it chewing gum for the mind? – [Hanson] Both Baden and Dawley hit the king. – That’s before I got really good, which is now a half.

– [Hanson] And a call from Dawley. The turn is a four of spades, so now Dalwey picks up the flush draw. Kenney Baden picks up a straight draw. They both check. And Jessica Dawley has the winner, all she needs to do is say, “I call”. And that’s what she does.

And Jessica Dawley will continue her winning ways here on Poker Night in America in Atlantic City. – So Dan’s decided to straddle. – Of course. – Because he liked the result last time. – What could possibly go wrong? – What could possibly happen that you draw a flop the top card?

– [Hanson] Christine Pilcher who won her seat here on 888 poker will raise to 200 with ace-ten. Wendeen Eolis will call with ace-queen. Dawley’s on a rush, she might as well call with ace-deuce.

– [Hanson] Roeper calls, man this is starting to look like a cellphone commercial, we’ve got so many people calling. – What’s another buck fifty, let’s get that in there. – Dan’s praying that he has anything that he can call with.

– Am I being punk’d that everybody’s going in? (laughter) – We actually made a side deal, we’re going to chop your chips up later. (laughter) – God, I wish I hadn’t done the loose crazy phase of my attack on you all first, because now I can’t raise here with this (bleep) that I’ve got in my– (laughter) Oh sorry, sorry. I’ve got my hands, so I’ll– – They can edit it later. I just call and hope to get lucky.

– I’m pretty sure he’s just going to call after that speech. – I just got to call and get lucky. (laughter) Oh I just got to call, or make a move, maybe I make a move on the flop. Hold on, I’m going to try to… – Seven players.

– I’m so bad, I forgot what I had. – [Hanson] And the case-ace comes out on the flop. So Eolis, Pilcher, and Dawley all hit the ace. Dawley hit two pair, but the winner in this whole transaction is Pilcher, because she flopped top two pair. I would expect a raise here from Jessica Dawley. In the One Seat.

And she does just that to 1700. – Raise. – Okay, all in, all in.

– It’s another 12 on top. – So I have to call 1200 more, right? – It made it easy for me to say thanks. – I thought once you put your Chanel sunglasses on, that I was hidden. – Huh? (laughs) – I have those too.

– Do you? – Prescriptions. – So now we have sneakers and sunglasses to match. – All in, all in.

– All in, awesome. – You wanna run once or twice? – Twice. – Twice. – What do you have? – I have an ace.

– I have an ace. – I have two pair. – I have two pair.

– Oh, you win. (laughter) – [Hanson] And now Pilcher makes the full house on the first turn. So Jessica drawing dead.

So the worst that Pilcher can do here is chop. – I thought how is that possible, Jessica doesn’t have a set of deuces there. – [Hanson] And things are getting very thin for Jessica Dawley. And Christine Pilcher turns ace-ten into a double up.

And a pot worth $8,300! – She goes by the sword. – Nice hand. – Thank you so much. – [Hanson] We’ve got more as we continue the cash game here at Golden Nugget when we come back. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by

Where the world plays online. – Welcome back to the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, tonight’s stop on Poker Night in America. – [Hanson] Table’s seeming to warm up a little bit to one another as the chatter is on the increase. (crosstalk) – [Hanson] Let’s see if that does the same thing with bet sizes as we continue. – And I hope I show those, and I needed to create an AOL Instant Messenger account, so– – [Hanson] James Woods with nines this time makes it one seventy-five. – The Messenger account I asked my assistant to do it for me and it had something to do about the way that I love to drive Audi TT, and everybody kind of laughed at me, because it reminded them of a little girl’s like Instant Messenger handle, and just TT.

My friends starting teasing me and it just stuck. – That’s cute, that’s cute. – Oh ma’am, your charger, the– yeah, okay good. – “Ma’am”…

I like that. – Well no, c’mon, I was talking to you by the way. (laughter) – I thought you might be. – [Hanson] Well three sixes appear once again, this time it’s Jamie Kerstetter who flopped triple sixes. – Thank’s ma’am, thank you ma’am!

– [Hanson] Talk about your big, blind special. – Is there an official etiquette for calling someone ma’am? (crosstalk) – [Hanson] Now Woods picks up a flush draw to go with his pair nines. – It was a very nice thing to say, now I think it’s like– – I think to call somebody ma’am it’s like adept now. – Ma’am.

Hello ma’am. – Well if you say, “Excuse me, Miss,” then it sounds like they’re 15 a little bit. – Yeah, but someone older that you call “Miss” is very happy to be called “Miss”. – Maybe you’re on the flush draw again. (laughter) – I get called “Sir” way too much now, I don’t want to get called “Sir” so much, right?

(crosstalk) – And “Sir” used to be very respectful. – So ace to the spades, you might call it an ace of spades. – [Hanson] Woods thinking it over. As the famous saying goes, “If you think long, you’re probably thinking wrong.” – Okay, queen, there it is. – [Hanson] And triple sixes will net Jaime Kerstetter 3200 bucks.

Of course on the other hand of that, if you think quick, you should probably leave the table, because you’re the worst player at the table. It doesn’t rhyme, but it’s also true. – Oof, nice hand.

(table chatter) – But everyone else at the table kind of knew that something was going on, the only who didn’t pick up on this was Mike, and he was trying to make it funny. As someone who’s been slow-rolled by Shaun countless times (laughing) why, because he loves me, so it makes sense, you know? It just didn’t work. Even though, intentions good, backfired. (crosstalk) – That acts as a call for 50. – People in poker games are very revealing about their personalities as a whole.

– That’s very astute, I agree. – [Hanson] Back to Dan Shak with his queens. Now we’re going to 900.

– I was just about to say, why’s this pot so small? (laughter) – [Hanson] James Woods, and his suited ace-king, and Jessica Dawley’s jacks are coming right behind that. Delicate spot here for Dawley, you are on the button, so you are going to get to see what everyone does after the flop if you would call, but she decides to fold. – You don’t want to see? – [Hanson] And of course, hindsight is always 20/20, that’s a great fold (chuckles) by Jessica Dawley! Shak hits the queen, but Woods hits nothing, so let’s see if he’s going to take a stab at this.

– It’s fun flopping top set, isn’t it? Nice hand. – What’d you say?

– I said it’s fun flopping top set, isn’t it? – [Hanson] And that’s exactly what he did. – I know what you got, I know what you got. – Well played, I turned my hand face up.

– [Hanson] There’s more Poker Night in America when we come back. – [Voiceover] Draft Kings the official fantasy sports site of Poker Night in Amercia. – Thanks for returning to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hanson, let’s get back to our cash game.

– But it’s not just about being right or wrong, it’s about being open to grow. – Yeah I want to evolve. – The unexamined life is not worth living.

You know, Socrates. – Unless they’ll sponsor us. – But then they should make everyone take off their watches, and everything else. – So you wanted me to hit a queen, huh?

– Who? – Yeah, I wanted you to hit a queen. – I didn’t think I was going to get any value from a bet there.

– [Hanson] You’ve got a $100 straddled from James Woods, that gets a call from Richard Roeper, it gets a call from Kenney Baden, and pocket nines showing up again tonight on Poker Night. Dan Shak will not be calling the (chuckles) $100 straddle: he makes it 500. Action now on Jamie Kerstetter.

She calls with jacks. Kerstetter another one of those poker players that when you start asking her questions about her life away from the table, it really makes you realize that you are outgunned in so many different ways. – Ahh, Richard, Richard, Richard. You’re the spoiler. Sorry. – He’s making a break for freedom.

– 400 more? – [Hanson] Now we’re talking, we got a 2100 pot pre-flop. – [Hanson] Kerstetter’s jacks are ahead, but Dan Shak has the flush draw.

Jacks go to the muck. And Woods once again, thinking it over, decides to go all in. – Two times?

– You’re so far ahead, you have no idea. (laughter) – You’re so far, “Can we run it 12 times?” (laughter) – Twice.

– Yeah twice, yeah go ahead. He’s on a flush draw. – [Hanson] I don’t think we’re going to have enough cards to run it 12 times, James, so here we go, gonna run it twice, and the first one goes to Dan Shak. And it looks like the second one is on its way to Dan Shak as well… and it is. – Well I have two pair both times. – Flush and full house.

– Whoa. – Wow. – Trust me, I wouldn’t have called if I hadn’t bet so much in here. – [Hanson] It looks like James Woods is reloading as Shaun Deeb stops by the table. – Katie, did you know this?

He lost his virginity with Ashley, his wife. – That’s so weird, that’s who I lost mine to! – With Ashley? (laughter) – That’s awesome!

– That is not a conversation that your wife and I have ever had. (laughter) – [Hanson] Shaun Deeb shows up, and things just fall off the rails, imagine that. – We can do some editing don’t worry. – She did not tell me anything, about any of that.

So I don’t want you to think your wife is going around… – Luckily she’s breastfeeding now, so she doesn’t drink, she used to tell way too many details of our personal lives. – She has not told me anything. – That’s greatest line of all time, “luckily she’s breastfeeding now,” “she tells too many personal details of our lives to people.” (laughter) That’s fantastic. – But she’s so sweet.

– Richard, have you ever met Shaun Deeb before? – I have. – Oh good, good. – Yeah, I’ve been in Shaun’s world. – That’s literally what I was about to say.

(crosstalk) – [Hanson] Back to the poker, ace high flop hits both Baden and Shak. – So, you’re obviously a media critic, should I call it a media critic, or should I call it a movie critic? – Everything.

– Okay, that’s exactly where I was getting up to, so are you like– let’s talk about food, let’s talk about liquor, let’s talk about spirits. – No I don’t do that, I’ll let you the experts do that. – But are you a good eater? – [Hanson] Dan Shak now has two pair aces and sevens.

And Jaime Kerstetter now has another draw that she’s working. – I appreciate, but I know enough to know that I don’t know that much. – That’s what I was wondering. – [Hanson] And she hits it on the river.

Kenney Badden doesn’t want to put any more money in this pot, she checks. – Actually the best tip I’m going to give you for wine, and everyone at home should try this. You don’t want to do this with a $300 bottle, but if you have a $85 bottle, and you want to make the wine open up, put it inside of a blender. Sounds crazy right? – Really?

– Trust me. – I’ll try that. – Another really great trick– – Always listen to him about everything. – Add a tiny bit of salt.

(crosstalk) – [Hanson] A raise from Kerstetter quickly gets rid of Dan Shak as we get wine tips from Steven Mclaughlin, and Shaun Deeb is right: we should listen to everything he’s saying. Here are the results as we wrap up Day 1: Richard Roeper, you’re down 150 bucks, I’m guessing you’re going to call the day a win with the kind of great players we have around this table. James Woods made a couple of bad calls today, and he finds himself 10,000 short, Jessica Dawley going to be our big winner for Day 1 here at Golden Nugget, Atlantic City. With over a 15k profit! – When we come back, it’s Poker Night At The Movies with Ebony Kenney, Richard Roeper, and James Woods. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by

Where the world plays online. – Welcome back to Poker Night in America. Robert Redford and Paul Newman’s chemistry was so undeniable in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, it didn’t take long for the duo to follow up with another Hollywood classic: 1973’s “The Sting”. Now, the movie gets its title from that stinging moment when you realize somebody has conned you out of your money. Something very familiar to those of us who’ve known the losing side of a bluff. In tonight’s scene, Paul Newman goes head-to-head with famous character actor Robert Shaw, in a game of who can out-cheat the cheater?

This is Poker Night At The Movies. – Mr. Clemens, give me $10,000 more. – First of all, I’m telling you, if I’m in the middle of a hand, and I decide, “Hey, give me 10k,” it’s not going to play. If I’m so sure about my hand, that I’m going to say, “Hey give me some more money,” 99.99999% of the time, the other players on the table are going to be like no shot, I’m not going to give you– – Well this was the 0.00001 time that they allow it.

– Right, and he got egg in his face, so there’s that. – This is actually the moment in the script called the “all is lost” moment: in every screenplay at some point, our hero gets to the point where there is no way he or she can find redemption unless the hand of God comes in or something that you don’t expect, that he or she finds within themselves, that you don’t see coming, makes the difference. And in this case, of course, you notice that Robert Shaw, the villain in the scene, actually hid the deck in his napkin, so the audience goes, “Oh wow, he could switch a deck.” So because if the threes, the tres, the four threes, all of the sudden become jacks, the audience is going, “I don’t understand what happened,” but because we showed a guy switching a deck, the audience is going, “Oh you know what, I bet he switched the deck too!”

– The other guy did too, exactly. – The audience is being conned! – Well the audience is also being tutored, but they’re being tutored by being told, in the beginning, when Robert Shaw, the villain is like, “Don’t worry, I got this covered” “I got the phony deck in.” Now we’re thinking, “Well gee, how can Paul Newman beat him here?” And then when the jacks appear, the first thing is like “Oh, he did the same thing, only better!” – If you’re cheating, you can’t call out the other guy for cheating and say, “B-b-but we stacked the deck,” “You’re supposed to have quad threes!”

– Exactly. – They can’t do anything. And Paul Newman, he’s not only playing a little bit of a doofus, he’s drunk, he’s pretending he’s drunk a little bit there too. And it’s part of a longer con if you see the movie, there’s a whole other con that comes later on, I mean this scene is fantastic. – Alright, so let’s rate this now on a poker hand scale.

Ebony we’ll start with you, how do you rate this scene? – Honestly, just because it got me, it totally got me when he turned over the four jacks, I was like “Oh f– (beep) I did not see that coming!” okay so I’m going to give it a royal flush. – Alright, Richard? – Well you know this is one of the cool things, James and I we were looking at this kid, it’s like it’s great to see somebody experience a movie they’ve never seen before. My friend Roger used to say, “I envy people who haven’t seen Citizen Kane yet,” “who haven’t seen great movies yet the first time.”

– Because they do hold up, especially cause this was a great period picture. – Yeah, it’s such a joy to see someone experience that their first time, so I’ve got to go the same way, royal flush, I mean it’s a great scene. – Yeah, I’d say royal flush, but you know because I’m so clever, I have to say, I give this four jacks. – [All] Ahh! – Fantastic, and that was our review of “The Sting” here on Poker Night. – For more from Poker Night, visit, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube where you can see complete episodes and unedited livestreams.

Also, be sure to check out our online store for Poker Night shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. For everyone here at Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson. Poker Night in America is brought to you by 888 Poker, where the world plays online, and by Draft Kings.

Why Stud Poker is so Popular

Seven cards stud poker popularity in the whole world is extremely huge and in addition millions of persons are participating in it at pokeronline website from various countries and continents. A particular foundation was created in order to fuse all seven card stud pokergame players throughout the whole world and to turn it into an international pastime.

Seven card stud poker game is extensively discussed on the Web and in addition there exist plenty of sites devoted to it, that is why more and more persons participate in it online at pokergame site. It`s widely accepted not only to the ones that participate and in addition take pleasure in it, but in addition for lots of other internet users. Discipline and in addition mind set are acutely one of the most important skills a 7cardstud poker game participant shall have; it could turn a not such a stunning on line poker room site competitor to a regular winner and smart competitor a loser. You should have heart to call/make bets and in addition self control to wait for the best cards.
When we go further in the concluding half of this seven card stud poker for fun review, you should turn back to the primary section in case you are in need of some clarifications for what we`ve by now went through.

Do not sit down at the on line pokercasino desk without a competition scheme of how you are going to play 7studpoker. Keep in mind your degree of inebriation based on how seriously you get the match. Study your opponents on each possibility and also acquire psychological contestant profiles while you play. Finally, guess when to even, withdraw upon, or increase a sham. Be patient. Exit fast as well as often. Top 7 cardsstud poker games competitors could pass on 80% of their deals.

The idea is to only perform casino internetpoker room site at the time you possess an advantage. The depressing reality is, most of the time you don`t have an edge and you might distinguish simply through watching your starting cards. If you`re intending to quit at all at some stage in a combination, the sooner you quit the smarter, since you`ll insert fewer chips to a jackpot which someone else takes. By folding many times soon, you guarantee yourself a stronger average hand once you do participate.

Traps in Poker Games

You would hardly ever be check-raised by anyone who took a extended time to check, it is not an usual gambling custom. While check-raising the majority of players attempt everything to seem as ordinary as possible to help make certain you will place in a gamble prior to when they spring the trap. Whenever you actually encounter a check-raise by a participant who paused heavily prior to the first check, be very careful.

You are supposed to arrive at the poker casino room match having a cloudless view, be observant and involved. In case you have a headache, or are unhappy with difficulties, you are at the inferior position therefore shouldn`t participate. Be aware of, as an illustration, how 7 stud poker game performers add their chips in the pot – are they hurling them aggressively or are they laying them carefully? All these tiny marks create an insight. Being able to read this picture should provide you a better position. When at seven cards stud you`ve adversaries who are excessively aggressive, exploit it upon them. Let them guess you have a weak combination at the time you really have a powerful deal. Test them in a way they`ll wager. You would in that case have the alternative to check increase and use their boldness. In case of a real casino internet poker room site freak, try it a 2nd time, and then bring it on! Within seven card stud poker, you need to be very reluctant to gamble a partially good deal into a reliable on line poker room web site bluffer. You could often gather more money testing plus calling.

The victory chance during 7 cards stud poker is the same as not winning. Chance has its role in this pastime, though the theory, mathematics, money and body language is not less significant within this card game. However, a lot of people in internet gaming room don`t realize this and are positive that the most important factor. Seven card studpoker is extensively discussed in the internet and there exist plenty of sites devoted to it, which is why additional persons participate in it on the internet in casinopoker room.

In case you type in the major word of the topic of this seven card stud poker strategy review on some fit search engine, you will have a diversity of sources. The lofty essay of the word to pin down an abstract idea that has been presented before you has made you conscious of the different things you may attain with the “seven card stud poker strategy” matter, now try and use some of this text`s tips and try to attain your goals.

Poker Player`s Arsenal

If you`re going to play seven stud, have confidence in yourself. Think for yourself. Do not be concerned whether your move may be breaking internet poker gaming site textbook guidelines. A skillful seven stud poker player`s arsenal includes general card game familiarity together with momentary opinion skills. Non victorious 7 cards stud poker participants do not make up their mind for themselves or otherwise just do not think at all. The winning chance in seven cards stud poker game is the same as not winning. Chance has its role involved in this game, though the speculation, mathematics, money or body language is not less important in this pastime.

However, a lot of contestants in online casino poker website do not understand this and are positive that the main element seven stud poker can be an exhilarating pastime. Since it is played in opposition to additional participants and not in opposition to the house, it is as well achievable for a participant to gain victory at it with time. Though, at all times remember to leave your seven card stud poker self assurance in check. First, the vast majority of participants which play seven card stud lose. For a player to win in online poker game website, someone else has to lose.

Don`t be afraid to raise. The less 7 stud poker game rivals that are within the pot with you, the more tending you should become to raise instead of equal. Usually the most excellent move is to bring up, next best is to fold and also the worst move is to match. The exception is when appear to be large amount of other internet poker game room participants within the bank. At this time the odds are that somebody owns a strong hand. In this case you can remove your average combinations and also even with good draws. Although when you receive the deal, don`t waste it. Bring up! The most important clues in seven cards stud poker are around gambling speed. The easiest ones to acknowledge are the “dramatic break” clues.

A long pause followed by a wager commonly means the online poker site player is strong, and also wants you to believe he is powerless. A long pause before a check regularly means a vulnerable combination. This competitor either wants you to check so he can get a gratis card, or wants you to reason he has a good enough hand to “think” about gambling.